The very dry winter and now periods of baking hot summer weather with only brief periods of rain have put a severe strain on our efforts to irrigate the greens which is largely done by hand.  As a consequence the greens are very patchy alternating in lush green areas and dried out patches.  Our aim is to get the green patches to spread to cover the whole of each green but with our limited facilities this is proving a challenge.  We hope to make some improvements to the irrigation system over the winter and in the mean time we  can assure you we are working hard to do the best we can.

Whilst the demands for water has left the two ponds on the 18th completely dry it has always been our intention to keep the one on the 4th full of water but it has become clear that the liner has become damaged beyond repair and the pond will need draining and completely rebuilding in a way that players attempting to retrieve balls will not damage the liner in the future.  We hope to make a start on this work soon and already many fish have been rescued and taken to the pond on the 12th.  In the meantime the pond is classified as ground under repair and we hope the disruption will not take too long.

We hope that the changes we have made following the cutting of the rough have been beneficial as there are larger areas of semi rough and smaller areas of deep rough.

We have also made some changes to the cutting regime around the greens which we hope will improve the golfing experience.